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We want you to be an intramural official! No previous experience is required to referee intramural sports with SIRA. The SIRA staff will provide the necessary training. Intramural officials earn $7.55/hour by working and assisting with a variety of intramural sports each semester. The way to begin work with SIRA is to attend the training sessions listed below.

Official's Social Thursday, September 3rd @ 12:00pm Corbin J.Robertson Foyer

Flag Football Clinic

Rules Clinic- Tuesday, September 8th @8:00pm

Field Mechanics- Wednesday, September 9th @8:30pm

Indoor Soccer Officials Clinic

Rules & Court Mechanics Clinic -Wednesday, October 14th @8:00pm

Volleyball Officials Clinic

Rules Clinic - Tuesday, October 27th @8:00pm

Court Mechanics - Wednesday, October 28th @8:30pm


These clinics are a paid introductory training session for SIRA intramural officials. For more information Contact Anna Castillo at 863-1606 or e-mail .