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Returning Student Housing Selection Process

Housing assignments are completed online during the month of April. An email will be sent to all students regarding the 3-step process for signing up for housing. Students must complete the Returning Student Housing Application in WebAdvisor whether they plan to live on or off campus or in a fraternity house. Sign-ups are according to the average number of hours of all those intending to sign up together and each group will choose a group leader. The group leader will be assigned a housing selection time based on the most recent high school graduation year and average amount of hours for roommate/suitemates.  Only the group leader will have access to the room selection process.

Southwestern has a 2-year housing requirement therefore all first and second year students are required to live on campus.

Returning Student Housing Process

Returning Student Housing Options

Returning Student Housing Application - Tutorial

Returning Student Room Selection - Tutorial

Housing and Meal Plan FAQ

Summer Housing

Summer housing will be available in the Lord Residential Center. All apartments are furnished with a full kitchen. A meal plan is not available in the summer. There will be two options for summer housing in the Lord Center apartments.  Option 1 is the normal setup of 2 people per apartment at $30 per day per student. Option 2 is a 4­person per apartment at $15 per day per student.

To request summer housing please complete the online housing form.

RA on Duty Phone Numbers
Resident Assistant’s are on duty from 7 PM to 7 AM. You can reach the RA on duty at the following numbers:
Brown-Cody: (512) 819-7351
Mabee/Kurth: (512) 819-7350
(512) 522-4809

McCombs/LC/DLC: (512) 827-8729

Lockout Protocol
If you are locked out of your room, you can call the RA on duty from 7:00 PM-7:00 AM to have them let you in. SUPD can be reached at (512) 863-1944 during times an RA is not on duty.
Lost Key Protocol
Lost keys should be reported immediately to your RA. There will be a $100.00 charge for the replacement of a room key or access key. This charge includes the cost of changing the lock and issuing new keys to both or all residents. Once a new key request is submitted, the resident must go to the Business Office and pay the cashier the fee.
Damages and Room Condition Reports

Upon moving into their assigned room, residents are required to complete the online Room Condition Report Form (RCR). This is the one and only way students can report pre-existing damages for which they do not want to be held responsible. During the year, residents are encouraged to report damages as soon as they occur. 

Roommate Contracts

Roommates will develop a roommate contract each year explaining expectations of their rooming relationship. The following questions can be used as guide to help you and your roommate build a roommate contract. Click Here. 

Tuition and Fee Rates
Click Here to see a full list of tuition, housing, and meal plan rates for the 2015-2016 school year.
Meal Plan Information

Click here for 2014-2015 meal plan information, rates, and changes and cancellation procedures.

Housing and Meal Plan Medical Accommodations

All housing and meal plan accommodation requests are required to go through Residence Life.   Accommodation requests and documentation should be submitted to the Residence Life Office by April 1st for the fall semester and by November 1st for the spring semester.  Please email for more information on requesting an accommodation.

Move-in Dates
More to come for Fall 2015 move-in.
Early Arrivals

More to come for Fall 2015 early arrival protocol.

Student Handbook

More information on Residence Life and policies can be found on pages 31-41 in the SU Student Handbook.

RA Resources

For resources for our current resident assistant staff please click here.