Office of Residence Life

Brown-Cody Hall

This residence hall houses 2 floors of first-year students and 1 floor of upper-class students. It is located in the Jones complex on the east side of campus. Brown-Cody houses residents in two-person rooms with suite style bathrooms. BC houses 117 residents and 10 student staff members.

The hall has a full kitchen and laundry room on the first floor, as well as ice and vending machines. Also on the first floor, is a beautiful and spacious lounge with a TV. The second and third floors have study lounges and balcony access.

Brown-Cody Residence Hall, funded by The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston, honors the memory of three Southwestern alumnae whose influence and generosity are apparent in the endowments, facilities and landscape enhancements of the campus: Alice Pratt Brown, Class of 1924; Margarett Root Brown, Class of 1915; and Florence Root Cody, Class of 1907.

The university provides each resident in Brown-Cody Residence Hall with:
  • An extra long, bunkable, twin bed which is raised approximately 22 inches from the floor to provide extra storage space (82”x38.5”)
  • A desk with a built-in bookshelf above it (24”x47.5”)
  • A desk chair (18”x24”)
  • A three drawered dresser (shared by the roommates) (24”x30”)
  • A two drawered dresser (21”x31.5”)
  • A nightstand (shared by the roommates) (18”x18”)
  • Ample closet with storage space above it

Brown-Cody Staff (’14-’15)

Akhil, Head RA
1st Floor

Olivia, RA
2nd Floor

Melanie, RA
2nd Floor

Andrew, RA
2nd Floor

Kate, RA
2nd Floor

Amy, RA
3rd Floor

Savannah, RA
3rd Floor

Will, RA
3rd Floor

Kevin, RA
3rd Floor

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