Office of the Foundation Relations

Summer Housing for Students conducting Research

Instead of paying student housing fees (if any) directly to the SU Housing Office as in the past, the Awards Committee decided to provide a housing subsidy of $500 per student per month. 

This can be spent anywhere.  This means that students will be responsible for their own housing arrangements.  We will no longer provide the Housing Office with lists of students requiring summer housing on campus.  Students are welcome to arrange for off-campus accommodations.  If students wish to use their housing subsidies for on-campus housing, they will be responsible for abiding by Housing Office deadlines and fees.

Note (05-08-12):

  • There has been an agreement to lump together the student stipends ($1200 per month or a pro-rated amount) and the housing subsidy ($500 per month or a pro-rated amount) and pay students a total of $1700 (or a pro-rated amount) per month.  This means to add $3.00 per hour to whatever hourly wage you have already calculated.  Out of this amount, students are responsible for all expenses, including housing.
  • Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for housing.  If the student is interested in staying on campus during the summer, he/she needs to contact Stefanie Alvarez (x1624).   The Business Office has agreed to bill FSP students so that they can pay housing expenses at the end of their pay periods.  Speak to the Business Office to make arrangements.