Dean of the Faculty

Student Surveys & Reports

The following surveys have been administered at Southwestern University and the subsequent reports are available on this page. As new reports become available, they will be added to the list.

CIRP Freshman Survey

The freshman survey instrument helps institutions assess trends in the characteristics, attitudes, values, and aspirations of their entering freshmen.

Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+)

The goal of the CLA+ assessment is to measure critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication skills of students. It is not to measure changes in individual students, but rather to learn more about programmatic features that correlate with “institutional effects” associated with larger than expected gains in students’ analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and writing skills. 

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The NSSE provides an opportunity to collect information on the extent to which first-year and senior college students engage in educational practices that research has found to be related to learning and development. The questionnaire focuses on five categories: (1) participation in dozens of educationally purposeful activities, (2) institutional requirements and the challenging nature of coursework, (3) perceptions of the college environment, (4) estimates of educational and personal growth since starting college, and (5) background and demographic information.