Dean of the Faculty

Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research provides and coordinates information utilized for decision-making, reporting, and assessment to facilitate the mission of Southwestern University.  On this page you will find links to Facts & Figures and Survey & Data Reports for student, faculty and alumni.

Facts & Figures

Common Data Set

Institutions of higher education provide a common data set to those who are seeking information, thus reducing the reporting burden. The Common Data Set includes information on a college’s enrollment, library holdings, housing, tuition, financial aid, class size and degrees conferred. (updated 4/2017)

Class Profile

A two-page historical profile of first-year students at the University with respect to academic performance, standardized testing, minority representation, financial aid distribution, and geographic distribution. These data are generated by the Office of Admission. (updated 2/2017)

Retention Rates

Historical profiles of the enrollment counts and persistence percentages of students by entering first-year and transfer cohort. (updated 2/2017)

Graduation Rates
  • By First Year Cohort:  Historical profile by first-year cohort of the number and percentage of student who graduate.  (updated 2/2017)
  • By Transfer Cohort: Historical profile by transfer cohort of the number and percentage of student who graduate.  (updated 2/2017)
Degrees and Majors
  • Historical profile of the number of degrees conferred by degree type as well as various tables detailing the number of degrees conferred by both first and second majors.
  • List of Southwestern University majors and minors with the corresponding Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code.




Student Achievement at Southwestern University: A summary of student achievement measures (coming October, 2017).