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Summer Subgroups  


Name of Subgroup:                 Academic Direction

Co-leaders:                             Dirk Early, Paul Gaffney, and Jim Hunt

Commission Members:         Leah Jones and Joey King

Members:                                 Lynne Brody, Laura Hobgood-Oster


Finance person assigned:          A.J. Senchak


Name of Subgroup:               Visibility and Reach

Co-leaders:                              David Gaines and Rick McKelvey

Commission Member:             Arden Baxter

Members:                                 Hal Haskell, Cindy Locke, Ellen Davis, Tom Forbes, Lynn Costlow (BOV)


Finance person assigned:          Fay Guaracci


Name of Subgroup:              Expanded Campus Life

Co-leaders:                              David Asbury and Jerry Brody

Commission Members:          Matt Hanson and Steve Raben

Members:                                  Melissa Johnson, Sue Mennicke, Glada Munt, Derek Timourian, Jaime Woody


Finance person assigned:          Brenda Krusely


Name of Subgroup:               Smart Growth

Co-leaders:                             Suzanne Buchele and Tom Oliver

Commission Members:           Kimele Carter and Bob Karr

Members:                                Elizabeth Piedmont Martin, Mike Leese, Bill Raleigh, James Gaeta. 


Finance person assigned:         Richard Anderson


Name of Subgroup:               Finances

Co-leaders:                             Richard Anderson and Fay Guarraci

Members:                                A.J. Senchak and Brenda Krusely


Name of Subgroup:               NITLE

Co-leaders:                            Joey King and Fay Guarraci

Members:                                Bob Karr, Richard Anderson, Rick McKelvey,

                                              Jake Schrum, Jim Hunt, David Asbury, Barbara Neely, Bob Paver


Name of Subgroup:               East Campus Develoment

Co-leaders:                              Richard Anderson and David Asbury

Members:                                  Bob Karr, Joey King, Rick McKelvey, Jake Schrum, Jim Hunt, Jerry Brody,

                                                Fay  Guarraci, Barbara Neely, Bob Mathis


Name of Subgroup:               Paideia

Co-leaders:                             Jim Hunt and David Gaines

Members:                                 Michael Cooper, Hal Haskell. Julia Johnson, Stephen Marble, Tim O'Neill,

                                               Jake Schrum, Dirk Early, Eileen Cleere, Daniel Castro



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