Office of Diversity Education

Office Staff


Terri Johnson, Assistant Dean for Student Multicultural Affairs

Terri began her position in July, 2011 as the Assistant Dean for Student Multicultural Affairs at Southwestern University.  Terri is originally from Louisiana but has also lived in Tennessee, Indiana and Michigan.  Terri has worked for many years in higher education with a special emphasis on underrepresented populations.  Terri is very passionate about issues of education, equity, activism and social justice in helping others to succeed.  Terri is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan where she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  She also has received a diversity training certificate from the National Multicultural Institute for the Training of Trainers III:  Advanced Facilitation Skills for Diversity Trainers in Washington, DC.   She has worked in both private and public universities including a past position as the Director of Multicultural Affairs at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana.   Terri enjoys writing poetry, traveling, volunteering, taking nature walks, taking classes, reading and researching her family history.  Terri is excited about working with the students, staff and faculty at Southwestern University.  Terri truly appreciates having the Cross Cultural Center for students to help create a positive and safe environment for learning, studying, sharing personal stories, networking and hosting various events.  Terri is the author of two books of poetry  - “Never A Journey Alone:   Even A Strong Woman Cries” (May, 2012) and “Jumping In The Sunshine - Laughter is a Gift”(February, 2013).  Terri was also named the 2012 - 2013 - Advisor of the Year for her work with the Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice at the Student Leadership Awards sponsored by Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Terri can be contacted at (512)-863-1342 or



Jessica Campos, Student Director

Major: Psychology

Minor: Race and Ethnic studies

Year: Junior

Hometown: Houston, TX

Organizations and Offices:

Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice

Latinos Unidos- Vice President (2012-2013)

Pan Asian Association- Member (2011-2013)

SU Native – Secretary (2013-2014)

As a new member of the Office of Diversity Education, I am very excited to be able to learn from my fellow colleagues and to be able to contribute my part to this office.  My focus is not only on sharing my knowledge but also increasing the knowledge I already have. There is every type of life out there and we will never be able to understand each other unless we take the time to put ourselves aside and teach ourselves to see the world from where someone else stands. My goal in life is to become a social worker, and in the future a psychologist. On my free time I enjoy creating memories with those closest to me, including my family, friends, and pet cats. I enjoy exploring new ideas, food, cultures, events and always have room for dessert.


Linda Lam, Student Director

 Major: Education

Year: SU Alum

Hometown: Austin, TX

Organizations and Offices:

  • Pan-Asian Association – President (2011-2013); Secretary (2013-2014)
  • Coalition for Diversity and Social Justice (CDSJ) Member; PAA representative (2011-2012)
  • Alpha Phi Omega – Membership VP (2012-2013); Current Member

About Me:

My hobbies include watching Asian dramas, listening to K-pop, random arts and crafts, and spending time with friends. I am currently working towards teaching abroad in Korea, and in the future I plan on working with students in different areas of need. I am passionate in all areas of diversity, and love to communicate ideas and current issues that impact these areas, especially within the education system. I am willing to help in any way that I can, so please don’t be afraid to talk to me!