SU Cuzco Program

Visual Cultures in the Andes

Cuzco, Peru


Southwestern University, in collaboration with ISA, has created a program in Cuzco, Peru specifically designed for Southwestern students.  The SU Cuzco Program is a four-week, six-credit program for students interested in receiving credit in Art History or Philosophy.

Machu Picchu, Peru -Photo by P. HajovskyStudents apply to Southwestern, not to ISA, directly.  Please note that this program will run every other year, so it will be offered next during summer 2018.


Application Deadline: February 1st

Program Start Date: May 26, 2018

Program End Date: June 25, 2018


The cost for this four-week program is TBD.

The program cost includes:

  • Tuition for six credits
  • Housing in twin rooms at a tourist-class hotel during orientation and excursions and at a hostel for the duration of the program
  • Breakfast is the ONLY meal included.  Students are responsible for all other meals
  • ISA on-site staff
  • Medical insurance
  • Airport pickup and transfer
  • Orientation in Lima
  • In-country airfare to and from Cuzco
  • Ground transportation on all ISA organized cultural activities and excursions
  • Entrance fees during cultural activities and excursions
  • Hotel and breakfast costs during organized excursions

The program cost does not include:

  • International airfare to and from Lima, Peru: students are responsible for their own flight arrangements.
  • Lunch and dinner throughout the duration of the program, as well as on organized excursions
  • Passport and visa expenses
  • Personal expenses: Internet café, dining out, toiletries, activities, snacks, personal travel, etc.


The SU Cuzco Program is a four-week, two-course, six-credit program.  

Visual Cultures in the Andes I (3 credits) will be cross-listed in Philosophy, History, and Religion.
Visual Cultures in the Andes II (3 credits) will be cross-listed in Anthropology and Art History.

Visual Cultures in the Andes centers on the convergence of the ideologies and images of indigenous and Spanish cultures in the multi-faceted city of Cuzco, which is located at an elevation of 11,200 feet in the Andes Mountains of Peru.  Unlike other Latin American cities, Cuzco is an architectural palimpset of ancient, colonial, and modern times.  The street layout and building foundations retain their origins as the Inca capital city in the 15th Century, the religious complexes betray Spanish colonialism and indigenous appropriations of Catholicism between the 16th and 18th Centuries, and modern life continues at the interface of multi-cultural contacts and tourism.  Living in Cuzco, students will see and study Inca architecture and indigenous concepts of representation.  They will examine colonial-period representations and religiosities, and they will witness syncretic images and their function in modern religious festivals.

There are no prerequisites for this program.  That said, there are several courses offered on the Southwestern University campus that are good preparation for this program:


  • Introduction to Anthropology (35-104)
  • Latino/a and Latin American Spiritualities (35-304)

Art History:

  • Art of the Andes (71-324)

  • Painting a New World (71-374)

  • Native Books, Images, and Objects (71-364)

  • Latin American Cities and Frontiers (71-354)


  • Latin American Philosophy (18-284)
  • Theories of Race (18-254)
  • Pre-Columbian Philosophies (18-304)
  • Aesthetics (18-364)

Additionally, any level of Spanish offered at SU is a good preparation.  Apart from the Visual Cultures in the Andes course, and not for credit, students may also work informally with tutors to develop speaking and comprehension skills in Spanish or Quechua (the language of the Incas and still the primary language of many Andeans today).  SU faculty program leaders can help interested students locate the appropriate tutor/s upon arrival to Cuzco.

Cuzco Cathedral, Cuzco, Peru -Photo by P. HajovskyHousing & Meals

During the orientation in Lima, students will be housed in twin rooms in a centrally located tourist-class hotel.  For the duration of the program in Cuzco, students will be housed in twin rooms in a hostel.

Breakfast is the ONLY meal included.  Students are responsible for all other meals.  Breakfast is also included on all organized excursions.  Students are responsible for lunch and dinner throughout the duration of the program, as well as on organized excursions.


Cultural Activities & Excursions

The program begins with an on-site orientation in Lima, Peru, during which time students will visit some of Lima’s most important sites.

Cultural activities in Cuzco will take place at the Cathedral (17th Century) and El Triunfo (16th - 17th Century), the Museo de Arte Religioso del Arzobispado (Museum of Viceregal Art), the Museo Inka, the Coricancha/Iglesia y Convento de Santo Domingo, the Iglesia la Compañia de Jesús, and the Museo de Santa Catalina.  Additionally, students will attend Corpus Christi in the Plaza de Armas on May 30, 2013.

Students will also receive a Boleto Turistico (Tourist Ticket) permitting entrance to the Church of San Blas, the Regional History Museum, the Puca Pucara Fortress, Chinchero Town, the Pachacutec Monument, as well as to the native music and dance show at the Cuzco Center of Native Art.

Organized excursions will include a trip to Kenko and Sacsayhuamán, as well as to San Pedro de Andahuaylillas (16th Century).  Students will also participate in an organized excursion to the Sacred Valley, stopping at Pisac and Ollantaytambo en route to Machu Picchu.

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Southwestern University Faculty Contact

Patrick Hajovsky

Assistant Professor of Art History

p: 512.863.1664


Omar Rivera

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

p: 512.863.1749