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There are several general requirements all students must meet in order to study abroad:

  • Have had an advising session with the Office of Intercultural Learning prior to applying
    • Do not apply for a study abroad program without pre-approval by Southwestern 
      • Credit transfer and financial aid may be jeopardized if prior approval for a program is not granted
  • Have established a GPA at Southwestern prior to studying abroad
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university and must have cleared any negative balances on your student account before you study abroad
  • Be enrolled full time during the semester before you study abroad.  Exceptions must be approved by the Director of Intercultural Learning 
  • Have declared a major if you have completed at least 60 credits prior to studying abroad
  • Students must also meet any program-specific requirements for the program to which they apply, whether an SU Program or an approved provider’s program


If you have met all of the aforementioned study abroad requirements, please access the relevant Southwestern Study Abroad Application below:


1. General Study Abroad Application

Students intending to study abroad on an approved program provider’s program (e.g. IES, IFSA-Butler, Arcadia, CIEE, ISEP, etc.), the New York Arts Program, or the Washington, D.C. Internship Program, please use this application.  If you are applying to the New York Arts Program, or the Washington, D.C. Internship Program, you DO NOT need to complete the essay portion of the application.  


2. Application for Southwestern University Programs

Students intending to study abroad on the SU Buenos Aires Program, the SU Granada Program, the SU Cuzco Program, and the SU London Program please use this application.


FACULTY: please click here to access the form to complete and submit a letter of recommendation for study abroad on behalf of a student.


Note: some SU programs require an application fee/deposit be submitted at the time of application.  See your specific SU Program webpage for dollar amounts, details, and instructions.



If you plan on using financial aid to pay for your study abroad program, you MUST submit the following Consortium Agreement to the Office of Intercultural Learning:

Consortium Agreement

Note: you will need to have your program provider complete the Host Institution Section and the Parent & Host Institution Section of the aforementioned Consortium Agreement.