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Welcome to the Office of Intercultural Learning at Southwestern University. The Office of Intercultural Learning fulfills the dual role of advising current Southwestern students on study abroad opportunities and of advising international students, both degree-seeking and exchange, on studying at Southwestern University.

In its study abroad capacity, the Office of Intercultural Learning houses a Resource Room with information on a variety of programs around the world for fall semester, spring semester, full academic year, and summer term study abroad.

Fifty percent of Southwestern University students study abroad at some point during their academic career here at SU and the Office of Intercultural Learning provides them with assistance throughout all phases of the study abroad process: advising, application, pre-departure, on-site, and re-entry. The Office of Intercultural Learning also works closely with Paideia, helping to weave an intercultural experience through study abroad into the student’s liberal arts education here at SU. Additionally, the office acts as a liaison with other campus offices in order to make study abroad as enriching, rewarding, and relevant as possible.

In its international student services capacity, the Office of Intercultural Learning provides advising and cultural orientation for students from other countries that are seeking a degree here at Southwestern, or that are here on an exchange for a semester or full academic year.


Pirates Abroad

The following map illustrates the varied locations where Southwestern students have studied abroad. While SU Pirates do study abroad in traditional locations such as England, France, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Australia, many also choose to study abroad in off-the-beaten path destinations like South Africa, Nepal, Denmark, Finland, and Uruguay. Where will you study abroad as a Southwestern Pirate?



Click here to access a map of the study abroad destinations by city and country.


Study Abroad Opportunities at Southwestern University 

Southwestern University students have two avenues by which to study abroad:

Southwestern Programs

Southwestern Programs are typically SU faculty-led and students are in class with their fellow SU peers. SU partners with a program provider to run the logistics of the program, but courses are, in most cases, taught by SU faculty.

Southwestern University currently runs the following study abroad programs:

Additionaly, Southwestern runs the following domestic, off-campus study programs:

Program Providers

Program providers are organizations that facilitate study abroad for college students. In essence, they serve as the liaison between the U.S. university and the foreign institution while simultaneously providing support to the student. While there are numerous program providers out there, SU approves a specific set of organizations for semester/full academic year study abroad plus a specific set of additional organizations for summer term study abroad.

Click here to access the list of program providers that Southwestern approves for study abroad as well as links to the providers’ websites themselves.


Study Abroad Quick Information Handout

Click here to access our Study Abroad Quick Information Handout. This document contains basic information on SU Programs, approved program providers, and study abroad requirements, as well as a credit transfer FAQ and a financial aid FAQ.