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Many students find that the Southwestern-sponsored programs do not fit their academic and cultural interests.  To serve these students, the Office of Intercultural Learning maintains a listing of approved study abroad program providers that offer high quality education abroad programs which are approved for transfer credit by Southwestern University.  A wide variety of locations, types of experience, and curricula are available through the programs of these approved providers.

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Remember that you should begin planning well in advance of your planned study abroad venture; one year before your semester abroad is a good rule of thumb.  Click here for information on how to begin the process.  Early in your program search, you will need to schedule an appointment with the Office of Intercultural Learning.  During this time, you will explore your academic and cultural interests and discuss program options which best fit your educational, professional, and personal goals.  Although you will receive guidance in provider and program selection, you will be expected to be an active player in creating your study abroad experience.  Study abroad can form a central piece of your liberal arts education and choosing a program that is challenging and meaningful for you is a critical first step.

Approved Program Providers

Additional Approved Program Providers for Summer Study Abroad

Remember to schedule an appointment with the Office of Intercultural Learning as you begin planning your study abroad experience.  You must first be approved by the Office of Intercultural Learning to study abroad before applying to an approved program provider.  Also, you must work with the Office of Intercultural Learning in order to ensure financial aid eligibility and credit transfer approval.

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