SU Washington, D.C. Program

Washington, D.C., U.S.A.


Open to any student who has achieved junior or senior standing by the start of the program.  The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0.  Well-qualified second semester sophomores may be accepted.


  • The course plan for a Southwestern University student is:


Internship: 32 hrs/week x 15 weeks = 480 hrs 8 Credits: graded P/D/F
Intern Seminar: 2.5 hrs/week 3 Credits: graded P/D/F
Academic Seminar: 2.5 hrs/week 4 Credits: letter grade
Total Credits


  • Credits appear on the student’s Southwestern University transcript
  • The Washington, D.C. Program Director or an adjunct faculty member supervises the internship.  Individual departments at Southwestern may require one of their own faculty members to supervise and grade the internship.
  • The Director in Washington, D.C. helps students arrange internships, monitors the internships, supervises residential life, provides a 2.5 hour intern seminar each week that adds an intellectual and personal context for the internship experience, teaches a 2.5 hour academic seminar per week, and may supervise independent research projects.  The Director also provides a not-for-credit social program for students.

Financial & Insurance:

  • Students register at Southwestern and pay standard tuition for the semester and standard room and board that is equivalent to a Lord Center (double) apartment and a 19 meal plan.  Students who normally qualify for financial aid are eligible to receive most forms of aid (excluding work study) from Southwestern.
  • Southwestern University will pay the student a stipend to cover food costs.  The stipend is issued as a lump sum check before the beginning of the semester and is mailed to the student’s permanent address, or other designated address.
  • Students must provide their own medical insurance.  Students should be sure to check on stipulations within their insurance policy that dictate terms for “out of network” doctor visits and medical procedures.
  • Students must submit a $250 application deposit — checks made payable to Southwestern University.
  • A $500 housing deposit will be charged to the student’s SU account upon acceptance into the program.
  • Students pay a $50 textbook/IT fee upon arrival in Washington, D.C.


  • Housing is composed of flats on Capitol Hill.  These flats are within blocks of the Capitol, the Supreme Court Building, Union Station, and the Folger’s Shakespeare Library.  All flats are completely furnished, including TVs, and contain a common room and furnished kitchen.  Bedrooms within the flat sleep four.  There are also washers and dryers available for student use for free.  All utility, maintenance, and cleaning costs are included in the housing fee, which Southwestern University pays on behalf of the student.
  • At least three PCs are available for student use.  There is also free WiFi available throughout the building.  Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops with WiFi capability.

Southwestern University Faculty Contact:

Tim O’Neill

Professor of Political Science

p: 512.863.1976


Additional Information:

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