Photography and Video

The Marketing Office is responsible for managing the University’s official electronic assets, such as photography and video.


The Marketing Office maintains a database of photography and uses a tool called Extensis Portfolio to manage the images. Members of the campus community can access the web client to search for photos. For instructions on how to do so, please contact the Director of Creative Services.

Photos taken for and used in official Southwestern University publications belong to the University, with rights secured for their use from the photographer by contract.

In general, print reproduction by anyone other than the Marketing Office requires that additional usage rights be secured. Web use is often OK, but a waiver must still be obtained prior to posting a photo for which you do not already have explicit rights.

Southwestern University does not employ a full-time photographer. Upon request, however, we can document University events with our digital SLR camera.


The main responsibilities for video at Southwestern lie with Audiovisual Services. They provide audiovisual equipment for delivery and loan, support of all audiovisual equipment on campus, video production assistance and duplication, event support, Library facility management, and copyright assistance. 

Videos for General Use

The University currently shares video properties on YouTube and Vimeo. These videos are available to be shared and embedded on websites.

The Marketing Office has developed a short video presentation that highlighted the Southwestern Experience for our audiences attending major University events. This video is available for our on-campus constituents to show at (before, during or after) your own events. The presentation can be streamed directly from the Internet or downloaded in a variety of quality/formats. Please contact us if you’re interested in using this video.