Consultation Request

The Marketing team looks forward to partnering with the campus community to help the University achieve its strategic goals by sharing the unique “stories” that make SU the special place it is.

A consultation is a time to share your project goals with our team. It’s a place to brainstorm communication channels and messages. It’s an opportunity to develop the most effective strategy. Before meeting with the Marketing Office, please:

  • Think about what it is you’re trying to achieve.
  • Identify your your target audience(s).
  • Be mindful of your budget.
  • Have preliminary copy (text) for your document prepared in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and spell checked prior to the consultation. (FYI - Often, copy is edited for space and SU style.)
  • Have any possible photos gathered together that you think you may need for your project. (The higher the photo quality, the better.)
  • Please contact the Marketing Office at least 8 weeks before the projected/expected project completion date. If possible, schedule a consultation during the summer months to plan for the upcoming year.

Every Thursday afternoon, we gather for a Strategic Communication meeting to prioritize, brainstorm and delegate tasks. We also use this time to meet with members of the campus community and learn about their communication goals. Feel free to contact us if you would like to be on the agenda for one of these meetings.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation.