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Civic Engagement

SU Splash

Southwestern University Splash is a one-day program where students and/or teachers on a college campus teach workshops to local high school students on various topics, like knitting, political science, neurobiology, sports, or pretty much anything!


Our next event will be on February 18, 2017. After achieving grant funding, we will be heading towards our aggressive goal.

We plan to incorporate a keynote speaker and discussions for an encompassing and reflective experience. The Splash structure means that high school students can explore a topic for an hour or two, without having to stick with it for a whole semester or even a year. We also encourage innovative types of classes apart from traditional lecture styles. Some classes involve field trips and lab components, and we are able to support teachers with supplies if they need them.

If you’d like to get involved, please go to our signup website to make an account and get started.


Our first pilot program event was on April 16, 2011 and received support from the SU Office of Civic Engagement. You can read about our history here. High schoolers are able to build their schedule around their availability, staying either part or the entire day.

Currently, Splash programs are in 10 states at 20 universities including Northwestern, Stanford and MIT. Our university is the first liberal arts college to host a Splash.

SU Splash hopes to break that boundary. We hope to introduce our interdisciplinary, liberal arts background to the Splash arena, and provide innovative and inspiring classes that introduce students to a world of learning. Truly, one of our university’s hallmark achievements has been building “lifelong learners”.