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Civic Engagement

Resources for Students


How does the Office of Civic Engagement support students? 

The OCE works with students and student organizations to assist them in developing connections and partnerships with Georgetown’s non-profit organizations.  We encourage students to move beyond the SU campus and be active citizens within the community, through volunteering and direct action, sustained projects, and advocacy and activism. 

Examples of civic engagement:

  • Co-curricular involvement through student organizations or individual volunteering
  • Community-engaged learning
  • Community-engaged research
  • Internships with nonprofits
  • Activism

Students who are interested in discussing opportunities for connecting their passions and education with local organizations that are working to address those same issues, should schedule a meeting with the Office of Civic Engagement.  E-mail us for more information.

We also ask that students who have found their own placements within the community keep the office updated.  Please e-mail us at the beginning of your service period, so that we are able to keep accurate records about SU student involvement in the community. 

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Search our database for information about local nonprofits. 

Our Civic Engagement Opportunities page has several current postings for volunteer and internship opportunities with Georgetown nonprofits.

 “Like” our Facebook page and “Follow” us on Twitter for daily posts about current volunteer opportunities and community nonprofits.

 Check our Civic Engagement bulletin board in The Commons.  It is updated weekly with recent volunteer requests. 

Feel free to schedule a meeting with the OCE to learn more about these organizations or to go on a site visit before making a commitment.  

Civic Engagement Jobs & Internships

The OCE works collaboratively with Career Services to help interested students identify internships with additional local nonprofits.  Opportunities include youth initiatives, social services, marketing, communication, research, development, etc.  Academic credit is also often available.

The OCE employs student assistants as CELTAs – Community Engaged Learning Teaching Assistants.  CELTAs are paired with community-engaged learning classes and serve as a liaison between the following stakeholders: students, faculty, community partners, and the OCE.  Past placements have included: SU Community Garden, Spanish III, and General Chemistry.  The OCE also employs a student worker, who assists the office and serves as a campus advocate for civic engagement.  

Southwestern University also has a partnership with The Georgetown Project, which offers work-study funded internships within TGP’s youth & child initiatives.  Past opportunities have included positions with The NEST and with Georgetown ISD’s After School Action Program.

Please contact the OCE if interested in learning more about such opportunities. 

Civic Engagement for Student Organizations

If you’re interested in encouraging your student organization to become more active in the community or to become more intentional about existing outreach activities, please email us.  Dr. Brackmann and Ms. Morales welcome the opportunity to facilitate group discussions about civic engagement.  We can offer recommendations for community partners that address issues relevant to your organization’s focus. 

Community-Engaged Learning Courses

Consider registering for the following courses.  Each course has a civic engagement component that requires active participation within the community. 

  • Developmental Pyschology
  • Educational Psychology
  • FYS- Doing Good and Doing It Well
  • General Chemistry
  • Sociology of Childhood
  • Spanish III
  • Process and Project Management
  • Sustainable Food & Agriculture
  • Feminism and Performance
  • Sociological Research Methods
  • FYS- Just Food/Food Justice