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Civic Engagement

Destination: Service

Destination: Service is the spring break service trips program offered by the Office of Civic Engagement. Each year our trips involve service, adventure, learning and fun all wrapped up in one. Students return from Destination: Service praising the experience of seeing the world through the eyes of those in different circumstances and the great pleasure found in knowing they made a difference!

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This year, Southwestern University will take approximately 35 students to the Gila National Wilderness and Cliff Dwellings Monument in New Mexico. Trip information is available at the above link.



What Students Say

“The trip gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and connect with students I probably would not have met outside of the trip. It was a unique experience. I saw the sun rise over the mountains every morning and fell asleep under the stars every night”

Brittany Pugh ’15,
Gila National Wilderness, 2014


“One thing I learned from Destination: Service is we, college students, should always take a step outside our schools and give back to the community that nurtures us.”

Derek Su ’17
Washington D.C, 2014


Destination: Service Through the Years

Since its founding in 1996, Destination: Service has worked with a variety of partners and traveled to numerous locations from Mexico to Washington D.C. A summary of work can be found here. Historically, Destination: Service boasts a long standing relationship with the Gila National Wilderness in New Mexico.