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SMArT: Science and Math Achiever Teams

SMArT, Science and Math Achiever Teams, is a mentoring program that provides Southwestern University students with the opportunity to share their interests in science or math with elementary school students. This uniquely successful program pairs college students one-on-one with third, fourth or fifth graders to complete a math- or science-related project of their choice over the course of about 10 weeks.

Interested in math, science and working with kids? SMArT invites SU students to consider joining the team for a great one-on-one relationship with an elementary school student that fosters their interest in the sciences. After getting matched up, you complete a great and exciting collaborative project over the course of the semester.

Here’s a list of projects from Fall 2011: All about octopus ink, How do planets get their colors, Animal camouflage in their habitats, How do snakes move, Timber wolves and the taiga biome, Deep sea volcanic rifts, Simple machines, The human body, How simple hunting traps work (physics and animal behavior), Shark anatomy and physiology, Yeast in the science of cooking, and All about spiders!

They meet Monday afternoons from 5-6pm in FJS 212. Besides this weekly commitment, there is occasionally some project “homework” and most supplies are secured by the Day Coordinator. Both science and non-science majors are welcome!

For more information about SMArT, contact Dr. Romi L. Burks, Associate Professor of Biology, 512-863-1280.