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SMArT: Science and Math Achiever Teams

SMArT (Science and Math Achiever Teams) is a partnership with the Williamson County YMCA Afterschool Program. This mentoring program matches college students with third, fourth or fifth graders to complete a math- or science-related project of their choice over the course of about 10 weeks.

Interested in math, science and working with kids? SMArT invites SU students to consider joining the team for a great one-on-one relationship with an elementary school student that fosters their interest in the sciences. After getting matched up, you complete a great and exciting collaborative project over the course of the semester.

Here’s a list of past projects: 

  • Which catalyst works best for making elephant toothpaste?
  • How does solar energy power things?
  • Why can’t sharks swim backwards?
  • Which explosive chemical reaction has the greatest height?
  • What makes the BEST slime?
  • How high does a roller coaster have to be to make a loop?

SMArTies meet Monday afternoons from 5-6pm. Both science and non-science majors are welcome!

For more information about SMArT, contact Dr. Romi L. Burks, Professor of Biology, 512-863-1280.