Office of Career Services

Goal Setting

If you can’t identify what you want, you’ll have trouble finding it!

Goal setting in connection with your job target can provide a meaningful framework in which to organize search strategies and conserve your resources by providing direction. The process of goal setting should be thought of as cyclical rather than linear. One of the best ways to help ensure success in the goal setting process is to write it all down! So, get out your preferred tools for recording notes and follow along.

Begin by identifying your overall goal. Ask yourself, What is it that I want? Then research the action steps which can move you toward that goal. Look at your goal and find ways to get what you want. Then decide on definite steps that you can take. These action steps should be quantifiable, time sensitive and prioritized. Implement the identified actions, and then monitor and evaluate your progress. How are you doing? What are the changes you need to make? The cycle then comes full circle back to the goal itself which may need to be revised or fine-tuned in light of outcomes and new information.

Your goals must be

  • Truly yours
  • Realistic
  • Written down
  • Measurable
  • Linked to action
  • Evaluated regularly