Office of Career Services

Mission Opportunities

Spring Breakaway

Spring Breakaway is Southwestern’s Spring Break volunteer service program. Students volunteer over Spring Break to help make the world a more livable place for others. Students volunteer to build new homes, repair homes, work in the National Parks and volunteer with urban social programs and ministries, joining other volunteers in their effort. Contact the chaplain, Rev. Megan Danner, at 512.863.1527 for more information.


Primetimers is a study/travel/service program for mature adults interested in service to the community.  It is somewhat like the ELDERHOSTEL program. 


The “Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service” is a program that gives persons, with recreational vehicles, the opportunity to share their time and skills working on  projects that include churches, camps, and mission agencies. 

Individual Volunteers

There are over 400 opportunities for individuals or couples to volunteer their services in both the United States and globally. 

Mission Opportunities for Young People

Generation Transformation is an initiative of Global Ministries (UMC) to increase opportunities for young adults to engage in mission throughout the connection. 

Organizations and Websites offering Mission Trips

These websites listed below are just a sampling of what is available. Please make sure you do your research on these companies. We are in no way speaking for their accuracy, the experience, etc. They are simply listed to give you a starting point.

Global Ministries (

The General Board of Global Ministries is the global mission agency of The United Methodist Church, its annual conferences, missionary conferences, and local congregations.  

Praying Pelican Missions (

At Praying Pelican Missions, we’ve made it our mission to further the Kingdom of God and honor our Lord Jesus Christ by providing international short-term missions experiences for North Americans. Our vision is to become a short-term missions organization that glorifies Jesus Christ in all that we do. We want to create an environment that impacts our own people as much as the people we are ministering to. We want to break down the walls, barriers, and obstacles that stand between the people of the United States and the rest of the world. We want to bring the world together as one to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Real Impact Missions (

Real Impact Missions gives young people the opportunity to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands around the globe who are in desperate need of Him.  Real Impact Missions is a multi-denominational organization, recognized by many as the leader in custom and pre-planned short term mission trips for individuals and groups.  From personal evangelism and ministry presentations to mobile medical clinics and work relief projects, Real Impact Missions will show you how changing the world will change you forever.

**There are also many mission trips available through local churches. Contact your church or one in an area you are interested in for more information on their trips.