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The CAPA London Program Application

The CAPA application form is designed to give the internships team as much information about you as possible. The more detail we have about your experience, interests and aspirations, the more closely we can match you to an appropriate site. How you fill in the form is therefore essential.

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Completing The Internship Application

(Please read the section below carefully!)

Follow this step-by step guide and you will have the prefect application. Please refer to the sample application following the step-by-step guidelines in this section.

Step One: Personal Details

Fill in all your personal details including your age. IMPORTANT NOTE: In the UK, your date of birth is included on all applications, so please fill it in.

Step Two: Education

List all courses taken that are relevant to your internship areas by course title. Do not list courses by course number as they are listed at your home campus, since course numbers are not standard across United States institutions of higher learning and may not accurately reflect the content/purpose of the course. Remember to include courses relevant to any of the three areas of interest you have listed. Do not just concentrate on your first choice.

Step Three: Experience

Give as much detail as you can about the kind of experience gained in each position you've worked in. Do not simply but a job title.

  • Use bullet points for each specific duty and skill required in each role.
  • Where possible, relate your experience to your areas of interest.

Step Four: Placement Areas and Types of Work

This is the MOST IMPORTANT section of the application form. Your options may be severely limited if you do not fill out each section carefully.

You cannot afford to be too vague. This will invariable result in an internship that is only vaguely in your area of interest.

  • For example: 1) Marketing 2) Real Estate 3) Theatre

This list reflects the choice of someone who hasn't really decided what they want. If marketing was your primary area of study, choose which aspect of it most interests you. Then offer some generalized alternatives for your second and third choices.

  • For example: 1) Sports Marketing 2) Marketing 3) Public Relations

Never be overly specific however, as this offers the internships team no scope.

  • For example: 1) Sports Marketing for Queen's Park Rangers Football Club 2) Sports Marketing for a soccer team 3) Sports Marketing

Never quote specific companies as a choice. If you have a particular company in mind, mention it only as a possibility.

  • For example: Theatre (if possible with the RSC or Gate Theatre)

Be aware that certain internships are only available to students with experience in the field. Internships within high profile corporate companies, for instance, are extremely competitive and only the very best applicants with the most extensive experience will usually be considered.

Internships in creative fields such as journalism, broadcasting, graphic design and theatre, do not guarantee creative input. If you are applying for internships in any of these fields, please make sure you read the "Realistic Expectations" section of the handbook.

Step Five: What are your future career plans?

Be as informative as you can, but be open. If you have no specific aspirations, say so. If you have a very clearly defined career path, let us know that also. The more information we have, the better our match will be. Have reasonable expectations, though. Internships in the UK are very different from what you may have experienced elsewhere, and some steps you may be anxious to take to advance your career may just not be feasible within the internship environment.

Step Six: What type of duties do you expect?

All realistic expectations will be met by any of our sites. The type of work will vary, however, depending on the site and your particular assignment. Some sites offer team projects, others offer individual projects and still others will offer experience helping out on a day-to-day basis. Some will involve client contact, some may not.

If you have a particular preference for the type of work you want to do, let us know and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

Step Seven: Additional Information

Tell us everything that may be a selling point, such as: computer skills, languages, academic prizes and particular interests. If you have lived or studied abroad or visited the UK before, it will be of interest to our placement sites.