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Intern Stories

Caitlyn Buckley

Caitlyn Buckley ’10 (English major)

Internship with co-owned television stations
CBS 11 and TXA 21 (KTVT and KTX)

Internship Development: What advice would you give other students interested in doing an internship?

C.B.: “Get started early and make sure it’s your main priority for the time period you’ll be working.  For summer internships, vacations should be second priority and you should start your search by January at the latest.”

ID: Were there any funny anecdotes from your internship?

C.B.: “We would get the oddest viewer emails and my supervisor and I would always get a big laugh out of them.  As an English major, I always enjoyed the ones that would be correcting the on-air spelling and grammar and would have poor grammar or typos themselves.  We also had a few “interesting” people that emailed us frequently.  One was obsessed with one of our anchors and would constantly comment on her hair/outfit/physical appearance.  It was a little creepy but generally funny.”

I.D. Do you feel that internships are a valuable part of the curriculum?  Why or why not?

C.B.: “Absolutely.  Like I said earlier, the things you learn in an internship aren’t things you can learn anywhere else.  There really isn’t a down side to getting experience, learning about a career field, and improving your resume.  I think an internship is something that should be strongly encouraged, if not mandatory.”

I.D.: What parts of your internship were most rewarding?

C.B.: “The one-on-one time that I got to spend with my supervisor was very rewarding because I learned so much about how to succeed in PR and media fields.  It was also incredibly rewarding to do our events with children (Walk Now! For Autism and Stephanie’s Day) because they enjoyed themselves so much and made all the work more than worth it!”

I.D.: Why do you feel students should get involved in internships?

C.B.: “The experience you get in an internship can’t be found anywhere else.  There isn’t a class that teaches you how to behave in the working world but you get that out of an internship. Most of all, experience wins out over education every time.  Grades are important, but most companies will take someone with lower grades and more experience over someone with a 4.0 hands down.”

I.D.: What did you learn about yourself through the internship?

C.B.: “I learned that, while I can be shy, I can fit in easily with people I work with; that I’m a team player; and that I work quickly and can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time than I was expected to.”

I.D.: You are stranded on a desert island with only one book, one CD and one DVD- what are they?

C.B. “For the book, Life of Pi. It’s one of my favorites and incorporates a survival story, so that would be encouraging on a desert island.  I’d want a mixed CD from my boyfriend both to remind me of him and becasue he makes really fun mixed CD’s.  I’d want Little Miss Sunshine from the movie because I’ve already memorized my other favorite movie, O Brother Where Art Thou.”

I.D. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

C.B.: “Probably pasta.  It’s pretty hard to get tired of pasta.”

I.D.: How has this internship shaped your future?

C.B.: “It definitely showed me that I’d love to have a career in media and that it’s possible to have a job that you’re good at and enjoy at the same time.”

Terrenee Knight ’07

Terrenee Knight

When Terrenee Knight ’07 began her internship with Ciao! Talent Agency she started as any other intern, doing behind the scenes work and learning as much as she could about the company. Little did she know her role within the organization would change dramatically.

As a part of her internship experience, Terrenee was encouraged to go through the audition process in order to better understand what the actors experienced and the casting directors looked for. Auditions came open for the hit television show “Friday Night Lights” that filmed in Austin, Texas. After her audition, she was cast for a Guest Starring role as Rosario.

Terrenee is proof that you never know where your internship will lead you. If you go in with a strong work ethic and open mind you just may have experiences and opportunities that you never dreamed of!