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American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) - A nonprofit education organization committed to recruiting and certifying teachers for K-12 schools nationwide; this site provides information on the Passport to Teaching alternative certification program for K-12 teachers. In addition, there are free resources for new and potential teachers available through the New Teacher Hotline podcasts and webinars. - Information about and links to boarding schools across the US, with community information and maps. - “America’s most comprehensive education employment website,” this site offers employment opportunities and resources for national and international employment for educators. - The most complete directory on the web of teacher education degree and certificate programs. It includes over 20,000 teacher education degree and certificate programs, offered by over 1,700 colleges and school districts across the US, reviewed and compiled by hand from the college and district websites. 

EducationWeek - Job postings as well as the latest education news. - Resources for lesson planning, professional development, school issues, technology integration and more.

How to Get a Teaching Credential - Helpful overview of teacher certification process.

National Association of Independent Schools - Resources for careers at independent (private) schools throughout the US.

National Center for Education Statistics School District Database - Comprehensive site of over 16,000 school districts. Site does not have job listings, but contact information and addresses can be obtained.

Peterson’s Private Schools - Searchable database of independent secondary schools - Detailed information about private schools across the US, with community information and maps. - Detailed information about public schools across the US, with community information and maps.

Resources for Teachers Considering Nursing - In this economy, many students need to consider alternative career paths. The site was created for teachers by two RNs with a combined 35 years of nursing experience - Kelli Dunham RN/BSN and Tamara B. Dolan, RN, BSN, OCN.  The site features interviews with practicing nurses, expert articles, and advice on the different certification routes for teachers. - Free nationwide educator job search resource. Apply online, get email job alerts, find 1000s of teaching jobs from dozens of sites with the SchoolSpring SuperSearch. Apply to any job, anywhere with SchoolSpring PLUS!

Southern Teachers Agency - A free service targeted at student-athletes that assists prospective candidates (everyone from recent college graduates to veteran teachers) in finding teaching, coaching, and administration positions with independent schools in the south.  Teaching certification usually not required.

Teach for America - Recent college grads have the opportunity to teach at under-resourced urban and rural public schools - Overview of teaching in Texas - Free resource for those looking to enter or advance in the teaching/education field. Site contains information for 30+ teaching careers as well as a proprietary collection of the standard and alternative teaching certification processes for all 50 states.  It features articles such as a career leadership interview series, and is an approved Google News feed. - Search for teaching and education-related jobs nationwide using a universal application. Free to job seekers.

Troops to Teachers - Partnership of the US Department of Education and the Department of Defense, helping former military personnel begin new careers as teachers. Includes searchable database of nationwide teaching jobs.

K-12 Teachers

If you are looking for a teaching job in Texas the Texas Education Agency (TEA) offers a statewide, web-based school district job search tool. The website compiles information from the 1,200 public school districts  and charter schools in Texas.  A job seeker can search by address, zip code, or city and search within a five to 50-mile radius. The search will result in a list of website links and job listings, when available:

Texas Education Agency’s website also lets you research individual districts via annual performance reports. Go to:

Resources for Arts Teachers:
  • ArtsEdge - Teaching materials and classroom resources
Resources for Music Teachers:
Resources for Special Education Teachers:

Resource and Tools for Teaching Students - Great list of resource links for student teachers (and professionals). Discover strategies for the classroom, practical tools and technical innovations, and ways to build a professional network of peers and mentors.

Higher Education - A terrific, comprehensive, award winning site for links to organizations, journals, and institutional webpages that post positions in higher education.

HigherEdJobs -  The leading source for jobs and career information in academia.

The Chronicle of Higher Education - The premier site for jobs in higher education, Chronicle of Higher Education’s job postings range from research assistants to tenured faculty to chancellors.

Women in Higher Education - Women in Higher Education is a national organization dedicated to the advancement of women in faculty and staff positions in institutions of higher learning. Their job search site includes postings from schools actively seeking women to fill their job vacancies. They also include fellowship information for women.

Teaching English Abroad

For information about teaching English abroad, as well as other work abroad opportunities, please see our Working Abroad page.