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Student Accounts

Providing effective and efficient financial services in an environment of fiscal integrity wherein students, faculty, and staff can realize their full potential as it relates to the central mission of the University.

Payment Plan

The Southwestern University Payment Plan is a convenient, flexible and effective means of financing your education by dividing your tuition bill into more manageable, interest-free installments. Get more information about the Southwestern University Payment Plan.

Billing Statement Information - Fall 2015

Dewar Tuition Refund Plan – Optional Insurance

The Dewar tuition refund plan is supplemental insurance that is offered to protect your investment by providing a refund of tuition and fees that is in additional to Southwestern University’s normal refund plan in instances where a student withdraws for medical reasons prior to completing the semester. The plan covers up to 100% for injury and sickness withdrawals and up to 60% for mental health withdrawals with required doctor’s certification that the student can not complete the rest of the semester. Detailed information on this plan is mailed out separately by Dewar. This year’s annual rate has decreased to $284 and provides coverage for both the Fall and Spring semesters.

All students enrolled Fall 2013 & after -

All students that enroll or are readmitted for Fall 2013 and after are automatically charged the $284 for the Dewar Tuition Refund Plan.  To waive this coverage a waiver form must be completed on-line at the Dewar website To change the amount of coverage, please contact the Business Office at 512-863-1928.

Returning students with continuous enrollment starting prior to Fall 2013 -

Returning students interested in enrolling in this coverage should contact Dewar directly at 617-774-1555 or apply on-line at


All waivers, changes and enrollments must be made before classes start on August 23, 2015. NO CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER CLASSES BEGIN ON AUGUST 24, 2015. 

Student Payroll Services

Applying for Student Work

Academic Year

Students may contact Career Services ( to get information on jobs available on campus and off campus.  There will be an orientation for student employment during the last week before the Fall Semester begins.

Supervisors will need to turn in a Student Employee Hire List to the Business Office/Student Payroll before a student begins working. A new Student Employee Hire List will need to be completed for the student employee at the beginning of every academic school year and one at the beginning of every summer period that a student works for a department.

Please read the Student Payroll Procedures for more information.


Students may contact Career Services ( to get information on jobs available on campus and off campus.  A Summer Student Employee Hire List will need to be completed and turned in to the Business Office/Student Payroll (even if the student has worked for the department before). (Summer work does not process through the Financial Aid Office.) All other Student Payroll procedures apply.

Obtaining a Social Security Card

Information can be found at

Georgetown Social Security Administration
104 Parkview Drive
Georgetown, TX 78626
(512) 869-0886

Information Required Prior to Starting Work

S.U. student workers must fill out the I9, W4, and direct deposit forms located at the Business Office/Student Payroll

  • You will need to show a picture ID and Social Security Card or Birth Certificate or Passport.
  • You will need to use your permanent home address and be sure to sign and date the forms.
  • Your name and social security number on your card must match with what is on our computer system.
  • You must provide your routing number and account number for your bank on the Direct Deposit form.
  • You must provide your supervisors with information required on the Hourly Student Hire List.

Non-Resident Alien Student Worker Information

Please Contact:
International Programs
Tisha Temple
(512) 863-1857