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  • Southwestern has reduced its carbon footprint by 52 percent since 2010

  • The campus dining operation composts 90 percent of compostable materials

  • The irrigation system at Southwestern is controlled by a computerized weather station to conserve water

  • Approximately 90 percent of the landscape on campus is native or drought tolerant

  • Southwestern has reduced its electrical consumption per square foot by 39 percent since 2001

  • Southwestern has one gold LEED building (The Admission Center) and one silver LEED building (The Prothro Center)

  • Southwestern has won its conference in the EPA’s College & University Green Power Challenge every year since 2011

  • All new and replacement plumbing fixtures at Southwestern are low flow, water conserving fixtures

  • Southwestern has an 18-year contract to receive all of its electricity from windpower