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Banners Featuring Photographs by Southwestern Student Enliven the San Gabriel River Trail

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    2010 graduate Carlos Barron displays one of the banners that are on display at Rivery Park.
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    Banners featuring photography by SU grad Carlos Barron line the hike and bike trail near Rivery Park.
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Banners feature insect macrophotography by recent art graduate Carlos Barron

Ten banners with spectacular close-up photos of insects are on display along the San Gabriel River Trail near Rivery Park.

The photos were taken by 2010 Southwestern graduate Carlos Barron. Barron became interested in insect macrophotography while doing a project sponsored by Southwestern’s King Creativity Fund. He received money to make the banners from a grant Southwestern has from 3M to do projects related to the San Gabriel River Trail. The project was done in cooperation with Georgetown’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Barron calls his project “Portraiture as a Presence.” “I use macrophotography to reveal the presence of bugs that exist alongside and within our human world,” Barron says. “I want to show the Georgetown community the unseen world of spiders and insects with an artistic perspective. Since most insects are small and move fast, we don’t have enough time to see their colors, proportions, and most importantly a lot of their unique behaviors. The advantage of a photograph is that it can capture a lot of detail within one frame, which allows us to analyze and see unexpected bodies. I hope these large-scale prints will give the viewers that unexpected feeling of personally knowing this alien culture, causing them to rethink how they view these tiny creatures.”

Insects photographed for the banners include damselflies, dragonflies, a bee, a yellow jacket, a butterfly, a grasshopper, a crane fly and jumping spiders. Each banner has a different photo on each side, making a total of 20 photos on display. Barron took 15 of the photos in Georgetown and the other 5 in his hometown of Houston.

The photos featured on the banners, as well as Barron’s other insect macrophotography, can be found at

The banners were hung in conjunction with Georgetown’s Arts Month celebration in October.

Rivery Park is accessible both by car and via the hike and bike trail along the San Gabriel River. The park is located at 1448 Rivery Blvd. To see a map of the park’s location, go here.