Every Gift Matters

Paideia®: What Is It?

“Doing better what Southwestern does best...” –Professor David Gaines, Director of Paideia®

In Paideia®, groups of 10 students each meet with their own professor for 6 semesters. Paideia® integrates cross-disciplinary perspectives: 24 Southwestern faculty members from 20 different disciplines currently serve as Paideia® Professors, mentoring 240 Paideia® Scholars.

Paideia® links academic coursework to experiences outside of the classroom. Every Paideia® Scholar participates in civic engagement activities and has an enhanced research or artistic experience with a faculty member. Two hundred students have studied abroad in 40 countries.

For example, this year Professor Daniel Castro’s Paideia® cohort joined with Southwestern’s Physical Plant and Department of Information Technology Services to deliver refurbished SU computers to Honduras.

This is just one of the reasons Southwestern has earned Carnegie Foundation’s Community Engagement Classification and been named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll with Distinction for 2007.

So, if you’re still wondering what Paideia® is: “It is what you make it!” –Sarah Gould, Class of 2010, member of Professor Maria Cuevas’ Paideia® cohort

The Priddy Challenge for Paideia®: Your gift can tip the balance!

HOW DOES IT WORK? Southwestern will receive $1 from The Robert & Ruby Priddy Charitable Trust for every $3 received in gifts to Paideia®, thus increasing your gift by 33 percent.

WHY YOUR GIFT MATTERS: Gifts to Paideia® support students and faculty, enhancing the educational experience for the entire campus community.

For example, this past March, fellow seniors and Paideia® Scholars, Andrew Mayo and Martin Stanberry, organized a conference titled Building Bridges: Discussing the Realities of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace. Mark Braverman, noted author Ibtisam Barakat, and Robert Snyder, professor of political science at Southwestern, offered insight into the religious, ethnic, political and economic factors impacting the conflict in the Middle East and ultimately, how knowledgeable citizens can influence global change.

With your financial support, we can continue to push the limits of a liberal arts curriculum and provide an unrivaled educational experience for all of our students.


Receive Income for Life with a Charitable Gift Annuity

Thankful for the financial help that allowed him to attend Southwestern, Dr. Seng K. Ooi ’60 and spouse Helen Ooi have set up a charitable gift annuity with the University in addition to an outright gift. The charitable gift annuity is one of the most popular types of life income gifts to Southwestern. In return for a gift of money, securities or real estate, the University agrees to pay the donor a fixed income for life. The donor can make a meaningful contribution to Southwestern while also enhancing his or her economic security.

Call the Office of Gift and Estate Planning for a complimentary copy of our booklet, 12 Ways a Charitable Gift Annuity May Benefit You. If you turn 65 before June 2009 and have named Southwestern in your will or trust, your gift may be counted in Thinking Ahead: The Southwestern Campaign.

To receive more information on estate planning or to notify Southwestern of your charitable gift intentions, contact Robyn Burchfiel ’89, Director of Gift and Estate Planning, at robyn.burchfiel@southwestern.edu or 800.960.6363.