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Dear Southwestern Parents,

As college students and their families evaluate their financial situations, many are understandably concerned about what the future holds and how it might affect their educational investment. At Southwestern, the Office of Student Financial Assistance wants to help address those concerns and ensure families are aware of the all the available financing options.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance has two new forums through which families can have a conversation with members of the financial assistance staff:

  • The Office of Student Financial Assistance will offer extended office hours (until 9 p.m.) every Wednesday, March 25 through April 15. Parents may call the Office of Student Financial Assistance to discuss their individual situations with a member of the financial assistance staff. Families may also make appointments during both regular and extended office hours. The Office of Student Financial Assistance may be contacted by phone at (512) 863-1259 or e-mail at
  • The Office of Student Financial Assistance also has established a Facebook page as an interactive forum where students and parents can post general financial assistance questions. Additionally, they are planning to host a series of discussions which will focus on various aspects of the financial assistance process. To find them on Facebook, search for “Southwestern University Financial Assistance.” Become a “fan” of the page to stay informed about the latest news.

To help families plan for the next academic year, we will send financial aid notifications considerably earlier than we have in past years. Families should receive their 2009-2010 financial aid notices at the end of May.

We encourage all families concerned over the cost of a college education to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Even if families feel they will not qualify for need-based financial assistance, the FAFSA is the mechanism that provides access to various federal student and parent loans. The Federal Stafford Loan and Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) programs continue to be utilized by many SU families. Because of our low default rate and federal legislation that injected liquidity into federal student loan programs, families continue to be approved for these loans at the same rate as they were before the nationwide credit crisis began.

We invite parents and students to contact us with questions, particularly those who are concerned about their ability to remain at Southwestern for the upcoming year. We are committed to working with Southwestern families to maximize all options available during this challenging economic time.

Thank you for your commitment to the educational experience we are providing for your student at Southwestern.


Jake B. Schrum