Alumni Letter

Dear Southwestern University Alumni,

For the last two years, I have been privileged to serve as president of The Association of Southwestern University Alumni. It is as if others organized a parade and then put me in front. As the alumni of this University, you have done something that is nothing short of amazing.

Southwestern is a great university, tracing its roots back 167 years. It has never been better. It has never been healthier. Thus, it is reasonable to envision Southwestern as being a great university for another 167 years (2174 A.D.) and beyond. In the past, Southwestern needed a stronger alumni organization. Over the last two years, you have worked very hard to make alumni support one of Southwestern’s strengths. Consider what we have accomplished together:

  • When we began, we had just launched the first local association. Today, we have 11 local associations across the country with more forming.
  • When we began, enhancements to Homecoming and Reunion Weekend had begun to have positive effect on attendance. Today, we have set attendance records for Homecoming and Reunion Weekend two years in a row.
  • When we began, we had only a concept about connecting alumni with shared interests. Today, we have nine alumni connection groups, including one for international alumni.
  • When we began, we were in the midst of implementing the 2002 Alumni Self-Study Recommendations. Today, The Association has articulated a vision of “A lifelong Southwestern Experience” and established a mission “To be a community that fosters a lifelong Southwestern Experience by: spanning generations and geographies, connecting ideas and individuals, inspiring learning and service, inviting diverse perspectives and strengthening loyalties so that The Association becomes vital in the lives of alumni and their University.”

Normally my picture would appear with this article. For this issue, I asked that a picture of the Pirate hook and a construction hard hat appear in its place. If I could choose my legacy, it would be that our alumni keep these images in their minds.

Pirate hook: Embrace our past.

Construction hard hat: Build our future.

Your activities with The Association are the bricks and mortar that construct a greater and stronger Southwestern for the ages.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead the parade for two years!!!

Forever ARRRRRR!!!!!

Joe Seeber ’63
The Association of Southwestern University Alumni