Recent & Upcoming Events on Campus

Amanda Figueroa ‘10

California-based alternative / indie rock band CAKE performed for Southwestern’s annual Large Act Concert in April, giving new meaning to ‘standing-room-only’ in the Corbin J. Robertston Center.

The Roy and Margaret Shilling Lecture Series brought former Senator Bill Bradley to campus in April.

Six senior art majors presented their work in April, from left to right: Shauna Davidson ‘08, Lisa Dela Cruz ‘08, Lauren Cardenas ‘08, Carling Hale ‘08, Alison Kuo ‘08 and Jaymie Teakell ‘08. Flyer design and photograph by Cardenas and Hale.

Tom Slocum

Writer’s Voice 2008: Azar Nafisi


7-9 Homecoming and Reunion Weekend! Make your plans now for Southwestern’s Greatest Hits:
11 On November 11, The Writer’s Voice and the A. Frank Smith, Jr. Library present Azar Nafisi, professor and author of the national bestseller, Reading Lolita in Tehran. According to the The New York Times, Reading Lolita is “ eloquent brief on the transformative power of fiction.” For information and tickets visit: