5 Under 30

Young alumni show that every gift really does matter

From top: Fernando L. García, Jr. ‘03

Jess Gilmour ‘05

Brad and Megan Knapp both ‘04

Sylvia Mayer ‘01, center, with her sisters

Fernando L. García, Jr. ’03

Current Occupation: Second Lieutenant, United States Army
Lives In: Fort Benning, Georgia

I remembered the effort the school put through to help meet my financial need when I first applied and allowed me to attend (partly through the Dixon Scholarship) and I think back to that every time I make a pledge to Southwestern. I give in whatever amount I can, every year, so that others can also benefit just as I did from attending Southwestern.

Jess Gilmour ’05

Current Occupation: Operations Landman, Endeavor Energy Resources, L.P.
Lives In: Midland, TX

Giving to Southwestern corresponds to my firm belief that man reaps what he sows. As a fourth generation graduate of Southwestern, I can attest to Southwestern’s success in transforming lives. Southwestern literally changed my life by introducing me to a foreign world of literature and academics as well as engendering an abiding passion for learning. If a small donation helps someone else to attain this enlightened sense of reality and challenge, then I’m happy to give.

Brad Knapp ’04

Current Occupation: Associate Attorney, Locke, Lord, Bissell & Liddell, LLP
Lives In: Dallas, TX

I give to Southwestern because I benefited from a scholarship, and I want to be a part of providing a similar benefit to future students.

Megan Knapp ’04

Current Occupation: Health Educator, Southern Methodist University
Lives In: Dallas, TX

SU gave so much to me—a foundation for a career, an ability to think for myself, invaluable friendships, and cherished memories. And SU continues to give even after graduation through alumni networking opportunities. How could I not give back?!

Sylvia Mayer ’01

Current Occupation: Technical Trainer/Course Developer, Callidus Software Inc.
Lives In: Austin, TX

I give to SU because Southwestern enriches students by providing them with endless opportunities to experience life both in and out of the classroom. Southwestern knows the way, I went my way and now I’d like to help support students direct their way.