Alumni Letter

When the Class of 2007 graduated May 12, the ranks of The Association of Southwestern University Alumni grew to 13,109. In welcoming them, I shared these thoughts.

Welcome to The Association of Southwestern University Alumni! The Association is your organization. It is about you, and it is for you.

A few years ago, the decision was made to restructure the alumni organization and The Association is the result of this decision. We began only 16 months ago, but have made great progress.

Last year I traveled around the country asking Southwestern alumni what they wanted The Association to be. They told me that they wanted more ways to connect with Southwestern, and also more convenient ways to connect. As a result, the Alumni Council rearranged its priorities and its budget to accomplish this result.

A major emphasis of The Association is the formation of local associations. A year and a half ago there were two local associations, one in Houston and one in Washington, D.C. Now there are local associations in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Georgetown, the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. Others are in the process of forming. We hope to have 20 or more local associations in the next year or so.

This means that you will be able to move to different areas around the country, and even the world, and have a network of Southwestern alumni available to you. Want to meet new people in your new city? The Association is there for you. Need advice about where to live and what schools are good? The Association is there to help. Need a job or professional guidance? The Association can help you with connections.

When I visited New York City to meet with alumni last year, I heard a story that exemplified the spirit of Southwestern’s alumni community. An alumna told me she had moved to New York City immediately after graduating. She hoped to find a job and pursue her career. As she tells the story: “I had run out of time and money, and it looked like I would have to go home. Someone gave me the name of another Southwestern graduate. I called her, and she invited me to her office that day. The only reason that I am still in New York City is that she gave me the key to her apartment even though I had never met her. I want to do that for somebody.”

The spirit of The Association also is represented in the story of the alumna who learned that her family might be transferred to Sultanate of Oman. Through the online alumni directory, she was able to find another alumna living in Oman. She made contact and was able to learn more about the school, life and culture there.

This is the spirit of your alumni organization. I urge you to connect and get involved.

And remember: Forever, ARRRRR!!!!


Joe Seeber ’63
The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

Alumni Vists

Joe Seeber ’63, president of The Association of Southwestern University Alumni, is visiting alumni in 27 cities during 2007. Check out future editions of News from SU for exact times and locations.

If you are interested in helping plan Joe’s visit to your area, please e-mail Read stories from Joe’s travels on his blog, “On the Road with President Joe Seeber ’63,” at His upcoming visits include:

  • Austin, Texas – Friday, Sept. 7
  • Boston, Mass. – Thursday, Aug. 9
  • Chicago, Ill. – Monday, Aug. 6
  • Dallas, Texas – TBD Georgetown, Texas – Saturday, Sept. 27
  • New York, N.Y. – Wednesday, Aug. 8
  • St. Louis, Mo. – Sunday, Aug. 5
  • Waco, Texas – Monday, Sept. 10
  • Washington, D.C. – Tuesday, Aug. 7