Volume 18 • Issue 1
Southwestern @ Georgetown
Growth of the President's Council
We invite you to join the President’s Council and become a member of a dedicated group of benefactors who are transforming lives for the common good.
Your Invitation to Join the President’s Council
While Southwestern University holds a position as one of the nation’s best liberal arts institutions, we have embraced a vision that will provide an even more transformative experience for students. Your support propels the University toward this vision.

Since its founding in 1840, Southwestern University has benefited from bold visions, thoughtful planning, and careful stewardship of its resources. The University has received an abundance of ideas, energy and financial gifts from alumni and friends. The generosity and support of this community have made Southwestern University Texas’ leading national liberal arts college.

The transformation of a regional liberal arts college to a leading national liberal arts college requires a tremendous investment. It is loyal benefactors who will continue to make great things possible at Southwestern. The President’s Council recognizes the University’s most generous annual donors of $1,000 or more. The impact of their contributions can be seen in every facet of the University.

Today, President’s Council members are leading the way in the support of the Strategic Plan for 2010. The plan’s initiatives ignite in our students a passion for lifelong learning, a compassion for others and a desire to accept civic responsibility. Gifts from Southwestern’s alumni and friends will support the Paideia® Program, new faculty positions, financial assistance for students, diversity, technology, library resources and facilities.

However removed from the campus in time or distance, alumni and friends of Southwestern enjoy a connection born of their experiences with the University. Membership in the President’s Council is a tangible expression of that connection and a vital source of the University’s strength.

Southwestern @ Georgetown
2005-2006 Distribution of the President's Council

Please join us, as a member of the President’s Council, in providing for the future of Southwestern University, its students and faculty. You have the opportunity to offer coming generations the distinctive educational experiences, vibrant memories and lifelong connections that characterize Southwestern.


The GOLD Fund President’s Council is a leadership giving society for Graduates Of the Last Decade. By giving at the leadership level, these young alumni serve as philanthropic examples for alumni of all ages. Although President’s Council membership begins at the $1,000 giving level, young alumni need only give $100 for every year that has passed since they graduated from SU. First-year graduates need only give $50 to join. Matching gifts from your company are credited towards GOLD Fund President’s Council membership.

  • Class of 1996 $1,000
  • Class of 1997 $900
  • Class of 1998 $800
  • Class of 1999 $700
  • Class of 2000 $600
  • Class of 2001 $500
  • Class of 2002 $400
  • Class of 2003 $300
  • Class of 2004 $200
  • Class of 2005 $100
  • Class of 2006 $50

President’s Council Benefits

  • Invitation to the President’s Appreciation Dinner
  • Recognition in the President’s Annual Report
  • Invitations to lectures, events and private receptions with visiting scholars, the University president and faculty
  • The personal satisfaction of knowing your contributions help students fulfill their educational aspirations

How do I give?
By mail

Southwestern University
Development Office
PO Box 770
Georgetown, TX 78627-0770



By phone

800-960-6363, ext. 1482