Southwestern @ Georgetown
Volume 17 • Number 3
Miro and April Hampton Perez ’89

“For more than 10 years I have served as Southwestern’s senior director of gift and estate planning and worked with alumni and friends who, like myself, have contemplated the type of legacy they would like to leave. I have come to realize that no other personal document is more important than a will. When you create a will, you are thinking of the future. Giving to the people and organizations that are important to you is a reflection of your values and allows you to have an impact beyond your own life. My husband, Miro, and I drafted our will after the birth of our son. Knowing that he will be provided for and that Southwestern will someday be the recipient of gifts to fund scholarships gives us peace of mind. You’re never too young to plan for the future.”

Thinking Ahead: The Southwestern Campaign

If you will be 65 before June 2009, and have named Southwestern in your will or trust, your gift may be counted in Thinking Ahead: The Southwestern Campaign.

To receive more information on estate planning or to notify Southwestern of your charitable gift intentions, contact April Hampton Perez ’89, senior director of gift and estate planning, at 800-960-6363 or