Volume 17 • Issue 1
Southwestern @ Georgetown
Paideia® Scholar Eric Arias dedicates a Saturday morning to help The Caring Place in Georgetown clear a vacant lot.

The Strands of Paideia®

Rigorous Academic Program requiring students to be more intentional about their courses and to make connections between them.

Engage in an Intercultural Experience that conveys a strong understanding of diversity and of another culture.

Gain a broad understanding of Leadership and how various leadership styles impact decision-making and group processes.

Perform Collaborative Research/Creative Works to produce an “original” work and understand the process of collaboration.

Participate in Service-Learning to derive the value of social citizenship and to strengthen mastery of in-class knowledge.

Connections: Paideia®’s Strands & Southwestern’s Core Purpose and Values

In weaving together the five strands of Paideia®, students actualize the Core Purpose and Values of Southwestern. In concert, the five strands embody the entirety of the Core Purpose of “Fostering a liberal arts community whose values and actions encourage contributions toward the well-being of humanity.” The rigorous academic strand of Paideia® and the call for collaborative/creative works promote the “lifelong learning and a passion for intellectual and personal growth.” Intercultural experiences give students a respect for “the worth and dignity of persons.” And, leadership activities help students in “being true to one’s self and others” through personal interactions while service-learning encourages “activism in the pursuit of justice.”