Volume 17 • Issue 1
Southwestern @ Georgetown
Building strong Professor/Scholar relationships is a hallmark of Paideia®
Southwestern @ Georgetown

Challenge grants benefit Paideia® Program

Southwestern has the opportunity to greatly enhance its Paideia® Program, thanks to two challenge grants from the Robert and Ruby Priddy Charitable Trust of Wichita Falls, Texas.

When the Priddy Trust gave Southwestern $8.5 million to launch the Paideia® Program in 2002, it stipulated that $3 million of the gift was a “challenge grant” for Paideia® scholarships that requires the University to raise $9 million in matching funds by 2009.

Another $2 million of the original Priddy gift is a challenge grant for constructing the Center for Lifelong Learning. Southwestern needs to raise $8.5 million in matching funds by 2009 to receive this grant.

Southwestern has received several gifts that count toward the scholarship challenge grant, including a $1 million gift from the Cullen Foundation of Houston and a $250,000 gift from the Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation of Houston.

The University has raised more than $5 million toward the Center for Lifelong Learning challenge grant, including a $1 million gift from the Grogan Lord Foundation, $500,000 from the Hoblitzelle Foundation and a $3.5 million naming gift from the Perkins-Prothro Foundation.

For information on making a gift that will count toward either one of the Priddy challenge grants, contact Kent Huntsman at 512-863-1235 or huntsmak@southwestern.edu.