Volume 16 • Issue 3

Southwestern @ Georgetown, Volume 16 • Number 3 Credits

R. Bryant Hill

Art Director
Keith Nickerson

Editorial Coordinator
Katy Boose

Taylor Jones ’97

Whitley Company, Austin, Texas

University Relations

Associate Vice President for University Relations
Cindy Locke

Director of Communications
Ellen Davis

Alumni & Parent Relations

Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations
Georgianne Hewett ’90

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
JoAnn Lucero

Assistant Director of Alumni & Parent Relations
Megan Radison

Chief Administrative Officers

Jake B. Schrum ’68, President
Richard L. Anderson, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs
Gerald Brody, Vice President for Student Life
James W. Hunt, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Beverly J. Jones, University Chaplain
C. Richard McKelvey, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Thomas J. Oliver ’89, Vice President for Enrollment Services
Francie Schroeder, Executive Assistant to the President
Ronald L. Swain, Senior Advisor to the President for Strategic Planning and Assessment

The Back Cover

Pinsky Speaks

Southwestern students recently engaged in communnity-based learning at McKinney Roughs Nature Park. There, they worked with 48 students from the NYOS (Not Your Ordinary School) Charter School in north Austin. Says Associate Professor of Education Michael Kamen, “The teachers felt it was a wonderful experience for their fourth and fifth graders, and my students learned a great deal about planning and implementing meaningful lessons.”