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Math students present at 2014 MAA section meeting

Math majors present at the Texas section of the MAA in Laredo TX, Apr 3-5, 2014

Five senior Southwestern mathematics majors presented their research at the annual meeting of the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America held in Laredo, Tx., April 3-5, 2014.  Brian Cohen and David Vaden presented “Magic Graphs,” under the supervision of Drs. Alison Marr and Kendall Richards. Robert Lehr presented “An Irrational Decomposition of Generalized Fibonacci Number,”  supervised by  Dr. Ed Burger.  Andrew Banister presented “Can You Make Change by Increasing Minimum Wage?” overseen by Dr. Therese Shelton. CJ Payne also attended the conference. Dr. Shelton was chosen as the new Chair-Elect of the Texas Section of the MAA at this meeting.