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Eric Booth, Class of 2009

  • Eric Booth
    Eric Booth

Teaching in Wuhan leads Eric to cultural rites of passage

“I am teaching English writing at Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan. Being in this country has been the greatest experience of my life - so great that I have opted to stay for another year. I can go to a restaurant and read the menu (instead of doing the ‘point and guess’ procedure), I can go travel on a whim without nagging somebody for a translator, or I can chat it up with a local at the gym and challenge him to a swimming race. I’ve even received a part-time job offer from a French quality control company. A foreigner who speaks well has a very ‘big face’, so the language is the first rite of passage to immersion in China.” Eric now works as a Customs Brokerage Agent at Expeditors in Houston, Texas.