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Allison Stubbs

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    Allison Stubbs

Class of 2014
McKinney, TX

Allison comes to Southwestern from McKinney, Texas.  She is active in Zeta Tau Alpha, the Financial Analyst Program, and is a member of the women’s volleyball team.  “I chose to become involved at Southwestern for the opportunity to work with my peers and faculty who share the same passions as me. In choosing to become involved, these relationships have helped me to grow in my beliefs as a scholar, businesswoman, team player, leader, and person. The ability to make something of my own in each of my organizations is an experience that I think is unique at Southwestern. I have the opportunity to develop something from an idea to a tangible, measurable impact. To see the fruits of your labor improve an organization that you feel passionately about is highly rewarding and motivating and that freedom has shaped me into a better leader.”