Student Congress

Congress Minutes 2/28/2014

Student Congress 
February 28th, 2014
6:30PM Connie Ballrooms

I. Call to Order

Meeting called 6:32PM

II. Guest Speaker:

Arthur VanRooy (Apogee)

Major update on wireless disconnection issue (they have received complaints in recent months). They found the cause of the issue and we should start noticing improvements and it will be mostly resolved by the end of the week and completely resolved by Spring Break. Also, they improved communication so this issue, should it arise again, can be resolved faster. Increase in additional devices especially during peak hours was part of the problem. This solution will resolve issue of multiple devices.

III. Officer Reports
Treasurer (Amir Hessabi)

Balance = $165.00

Vice President (Sarah Cook)
1. Updates from Organization Representatives

CDSJ ­ SU Allies is having an event this Friday with speaker RJ Aguiar ­ there will be a discussion afterwards and students can hang out with him this Saturday in the Cross Cultural Center in Prothro.
UPC ­ Friday Night Live this week is slam poet Kit Yan
IFC ­ Big Event is coming up ­ priority registration is feb 28. IFC is co­sponsoring, there will be a party after Panhellenic ­ nothing to report

Veterans ­ not present
SAAC ­ not present
RAs ­ RA applications will go out Thursday and are online this year.
Stufo ­ SING! went well ­ now gearing up for Family Day in March, member applications are being reviewed

2. Council/Committee Reports (including Ad­Hocs)

University Council ­ There was a discussion on advising specifically conflicts between advisors/students. Advisor training is being developed. Discussion of Phase II proposals from the Financial Vitality committee. Academic Affairs ­ hasn’t met yet
Faculty Affairs ­ Evaluations are going to switch to scantron format, commentary will still be allowed. Also a discussion of whether or not there should be a form or list of requirements for “professorship.”

Student Affairs Council ­ Governance task force led discussion on proposed changes to student leadership and Jerry led a discussion on school spirit and perceived lack thereof.
Student Fees/Allocations ­ A new request from HEAT of $500 emergency funding.
A&OD ­ Committee discussed a new survey to take place of E­Chegg and E­Toke, members will take the assessment to determine its worth. Also, reviewing requirements to maintain committee status and preparing for upcoming events this semester.

Sexual Assault/Risk Reduction ­ A speaker presented and discussion of the Megaphone Ad and facilitating a by­stander program.
DEC ­ nothing new to report
Govt Reform ­ discussion on potentially increasing faculty reps within committees/councils, creation of a scheduling conflict council, having more knowledgeable advisors, councils/committees taking on more responsibilities, changing the name of committee to working groups (to avoid overflow of uneffective groups but noted that the ‘working group’ name isn’t as representative of the importance it holds)

All councils and committees that have not met: Traffic/Safety, Student Media Editorial Board, Food Advisory, Student Organizations, Staff Affairs Faculty Meetings, Academic Affairs

Ad Hocs:

Carrington Finch ­ March 28th will be the first meeting
Graduation Speaker ­ sending out emails very soon to field nominations
Fireside chats ­ email being sent out, contact Sarah for more details
Elections ­ Mustafa led the group in going over Google forms, discussion of candidate biographies on the poll, creating facebook/group events with links
Public Transportation ­ Chance led a meeting in developing next steps, Megaphone article was a good start Constitutional Reform ­ current constitution was reviewed and another meeting will be held to develop legislation to present to Congress. Planning to do in steps with first round being minor changes and updates.

IV. Old Business
A. Water Bottle Resolutions

SEAK (Keegan Taylor) met with Sodexo who said they are willing to do whatever students want, but Coke contract is non­negotiable.
(floor open) Concern for visitors at sport games who buy water bottles ­ SEAK is looking into selling reusable bottles and have filling stations for spectators. Note that there is support from students every year to use reusable water bottles, working on infrastructure to add attachments to water dispensers to accommodate this. SEAK is also working with Admissions to get all new students reusable water bottles to encourage this from the get­go. Hopefully this can be carried over to sports games and tours.

Note: this is not legislation so if passed it can only be sent to various groups to show Congress supports it Motion made, all in favor, Resolution passes

B. Honor Code Forum

Forum went well, there was a good dialogue between students and council.
Noted that a lot of students were glad the Council isn’t getting rid of the code but simply looking to reform it

C. Coffee with Congress Suggestion Box Comments (see back of agenda)

#2 is being resolved ­ designating an area for smokers at HB (Mabee already fixed)
Suggestion made to move Lord smokers from porches to avoid smoke near other apts
Campus housing ­ Question if Admissions reducing class size will affect McCombs? (Dean Woody comments that Mccombs will remain doubled for another year)
#3 Communication ­ suggestion to make a website (concerns for this voiced) rebutted ­ will look into it. Suggestion to just cover campus with flyers and let everyone know of congress meeting dates
#9 Outside vendors is unlikely due to sodexo’s competition clause. Noted that this has been tried before with Redbox but it required too large a number of foot traffic. Comment made that WACO ISD has outside vendors through sodexo with Chickfala (subcontracts through Sodexo are possible) students just have to ask for it. Agreed that Food Advisory would be a good place to start conversation with Sodexo about this. #10 ­ students are not aware of ability to park in the FAB lot after 6pm (but must move before 6am on weekdays)
#11 Library is open 24/5, and Mood is open before midnight so this isn’t an urgent issue
# 12 shuttle to airport during holidays to and from austin airport is a good idea to work on
# 14 Print Money ­ issue depends on majors ­ some require more printing than others. Transferring print money to each other would be nice or raise the allowance. ITS can work on transferring as an option but extending budget isn’t possible. Rollover between years also not possible because it comes through tuition money. Could rollover between semesters but the print money is wiped at end of each year. $30 is the average of what students spend altogether. Students should contact Pam McQuestern if a professor is having you print an entire book/anthropology because that’s against copyright issues. Suggestion made to encourage professors to let us use electronic readers in class. Noted that the $30 was also an effort to cut students excessive printing. Scanners are on first and 3rd floor of library so students can make e­reader

copies for free. Comment made that professors should tell students up front how much printing is needed. Comment made that buying new print money is difficult as machine only takes cash ­ ITS is fixing this.
V. New Business

A. School Spirit Ad­Hoc Group

Lack of Black/Gold everywhere on campus. Rae, Marissa, Kelsi, Kathi volunteered to help.

suggestion made to update the kiosks around campus.

VI. Announcements
March 5th, 9­-11PM, AXDi having event for Autism Speaks, $5 unlimited breakfast tacos, Bishop’s Lounge

Meeting Adjourned: 7:19PM 

30.635556; -97.666081