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Southwestern through a student lens.

In the spring of 2014, Southwestern launched a social media effort called “Captains of Instagram.” For short periods of time (2-3 days), students are invited to take over the Southwestern University Instagram account, sharing their day to day experience and helping promote the University in an authentic and genuine way.   

See what our Instagram Captains have photographed.  

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Instagram Captain Photos

  • Fußball aka soccer is most definitely the number one sport in Germany and in Dortmund the soccer team colors just happen to be #BlackandGold . It must be destiny for this pirate to be here! Thanks for tagging along on my adventures abroad 😊 photo by: #IGCaptain @mica_radu_ #PiratesAbroad
  • Junior year of high school I studied abroad and attended Domgymnasium in Verden, Germany. Today I got to go back and see it once more…. Photo by: #IGCaptain @mica_radu_ #PiratesAbroad #ExpandYourBoundries
  • Although Georgetown most likely has better weather, my walk around Hamburg wasn't too shabby! In German, these homes are called "Fachwerkhäuser" photo by: #IGCaptain @mica_radu_ #PiratesAbroad
  • I got to tour this beautiful building today in Hamburg, Germany. I’m always in awe of the world we live in 🙈 photo by #IGCaptain: @mica_radu_ #PiratesAbroad
  • Grüße aus Dortmund! Dortmund is known for the many installations of this statue: a rhino with wings! In this case it’s a statue which resembles Fred Flinstone Photo by #IGCaptain: @Mica_Radu_ #PiratesAbroad