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Conversations of Makeup and Feminism: Fostering Opportunities for Critical Engagement with and Between Makeup and Feminists Worlds

Carley Arnold
Advisor: Kerry Bechtel

“Conversations of Makeup and Feminism” is a year-long, two-pronged set of opportunities for the Southwestern community to critically engage with just what the title suggests: makeup and feminist worlds. Firstly, it will create performance art events that organically encourage among SU community members conversations regarding commonly known ideas surrounding feminism and makeup. Secondly, it will utilize the lessons learned from the first prong of the project, combined with an in-depth academic study of both makeup artistry and feminist studies, to formalize a code of ethics. This code of ethics is intended to serve individuals who choose to engage with makeup—not just as an ideological framework, but more importantly as a practice—to help them more practically, ethically engage with it during and after the rest of their time at Southwestern University. Inversely, it will serve to enrich and expand feminist ideological frameworks. This is necessary, as the two fields are not, in fact, two separate fields. They are not divorced, but rather they urgently need one another in order to exist more wholly. This project will create more positive forms of interaction between makeup and feminism to open up conversations for future generations of Southwesternites to continue.