Office of Career Services

Parents make great career mentors

Even if your own son or daughter isn’t listening to your advice, that doesn’t mean other students wouldn’t be interested!  Could your organization use an intern?  Would you enjoy showing someone the ropes during a day of job shadowing?  One of the best resources Southwestern students can tap is the close-knit network of contacts open to them in the form of parents and alumni.  Learn how you can contribute!

As this point in the spring semester, students’ summer planning is shifting into high gear.  Spending some time each academic break investigating career options and gaining marketable experience is a very wise plan.  To that end, as an SU parent, you are in a prime spot to benefit students seeking to learn more about your occupation, either through a short conversation, through a more involved day or several days of job shadowing or even through a more extensive internship.  Career Services can help facilitiate connections between SU parents and students, and we welcome your interest.  Please contact Alexandra Anderson at 512.863.1346 or to explore options.