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Our Company

Established: February 2003 
Products & Services: High-speed Internet; wireless home networking (WiFi@Home); phone; digital TV; high-definition (HD) TV; digital video recorders (DVRs), including TiVo┬« HD/DVR and Any-Room DVR with TiVoMini; TiVo Stream; video on demand (VOD); TV Caller ID; online video (Suddenlink2GO); home security 

Major Areas of Operation: Texas, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Arizona 

Corporate Headquarters: St. Louis, MO 

Regional Headquarters:
 Greenville, NC; Charleston, WV; Tyler, TX; Lubbock, TX 

Customer Call Centers: Greenville, NC; Parkersburg, WV; Lubbock, TX; Tyler, TX; St. Joseph, MO; Lake Havasu City, AZ

Employees: 6,000 

Annual Revenue: $2.06 billion1 

Revenue Generating Units: 3.52 million2

Customer Relationships: 1.37 million2

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