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President’s Letter on Diversity

President Edward Burger issues statement on the importance of diversity at Southwestern

Dear Southwestern Friends and Family,

Southwestern University’s core values calls for our community of students, faculty and staff to respect the worth and dignity of all persons, foster diverse perspectives and work toward the good of all humanity.  As President, I am fully committed to these core values, and recognize the critical role that diversity, in its broadest conception, plays in achieving academic excellence.  Experiencing diversity is essential to our students’ developing an understanding of both our own society and of our increasingly globalized world and is necessary preparation for them to be effective citizens of the twenty-first century. In order to provide these experiences for all of our students, we strive to create in Southwestern a socially just community, in which every member feels empowered to reach their fullest potential.

We invite you to explore the diversity section of our website to see for yourself what Southwestern is doing to create a community that is true to our core values.

With warm wishes,

Edward Burger
Southwestern University