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Matt Barnes ‘06 successfully defends PhD at Notre Dame

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    Dr. Romi Burks congratulating the soon to be official "Dr." Matt Barnes on a successful Ph.D. defense

With this PhD entitled “Prediction, detection and management of aquatic invasions,”  Matt Barnes ‘06 successfully defended his Ph.D. on Monday at the University of Notre Dame.  Certainly an achievement, this event ranked as extra special as Dr. Romi Burks, Matt’s undergraduate research mentor at Southwestern, attended the defense which just “happened to occur” with her same Ph.D. advisor, Dr. David Lodge.  This represented a first for Dr. Lodge to have one of his students send along an undergraduate researcher to pursue a Ph.D.  Notably, that undergraduate, Matt, came from Southwestern and not a research university where David has a number of other students currently as faculty.  As a bonus, Colin Kyle ‘09, another member of the apple snail lab, also attended Matt’s defense.  Colin and Matt overlapped one year during their time at Southwestern.