The Association of Southwestern University Alumni

2012 Alumni Awards

The 2012 alumni awards—presented during Homecoming by the Southwestern University Alumni Association—recognized and honored five such community members who exemplify the University’s Core Values in their everyday lives. They are true to themselves and others. They promote a passion for intellectual growth. They respect the worth and dignity of persons. They encourage activism in the pursuit of justice and the common good. And, they cultivate academic excellence.

The theme of Homecoming and Reunion Weekend 2012 was “Be Southwestern.” A number of times during the weekend, people asked Southwestern staff members what the phrase means. The answer often began with, “It’s more than a Twitter hashtag.” But, the serious answer is that it means something different to each member of the Southwestern community. 

One might “Be Southwestern” by wearing a Pirate Athletics t-shirt; another might be active in his or her local alumni association. You may “Be Southwestern” by giving each year to the Southwestern fund or by hiring a Southwestern student as an intern in your office. And many believe that to “Be Southwestern” means to take what you have learned into the world and make, as our Core Purpose states, “…contributions toward the well being of humanity.”