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Mexican Filmmaker Speaks on Campus

  • María Fernanda Suárez De Garay
    María Fernanda Suárez De Garay

Mexican filmmaker and television director/producer María Fernanda Suárez De Garay visits Southwestern and speaks about her successful Mexican television series.

Suárez directed the successful television series “Mujeres Asesinas” (“Women killers”), which aired in both Mexico and the United States from 2008-2010; the 2010 film “Gritos de muerte y libertad” about the Mexican independence of 1810; and the 2011 film “El encanto del águila” about the Mexican revolution of 1910. Her workdepicts how the effects of psychological violence, in the form of abuse, sadness and isolation, lead women to make tragic decisions. In addition, her historical fiction series portray real life heroines as well as collective and anonymous female characters as necessary agents of social change.